Intelligent automatic error page fixing for your Shopify store

AutoFix Errors At A glance

AutoFix is the essential Shopify app for protecting your store from potential lost customers.

AutoFix keeps an eye on your store, spotting when users land on an error page and fixing pesky 404 automatically.

But How Does It Work?

Connect Google Analytics

By allowing AutoFix limited access to your Google Analytics account, AutoFix can analyse pageview data and uncover 404 error pages.

Enable Alerts & Start Autofix

Enable email updates to get notified daily of uncovered error pages. Turn on AutoFix to start the magic đŸª„

Find and Fix 404 Errors

The errors page shows all your 404 errors. Select from AutoFix's intelligent redirect suggestions, or allow AutoFix to fix them for you automatically

Save lost customers

Install AutoFix today and save yourself from lost sales.